Spirit Hunters book 4 – Blood Vengeance, is the fourth book in the Spirit Hunters series (action/adventure for children/YA, ages 9+). Published in Norway by Aschehoug, February 2015. Spirit Hunters book 1 was nominated for Best YA Book of 2013 in Norway, and Danish language rights are sold to Turbine Forlag. 

About the book:

In Blood Vengeance, the spirit hunters are sent to the region in western Norway where Eirik comes from, to fight a thousand year old viking spirit. After many successful missions they are closer to each other than ever before, and their confidence is high. But what they believe to be an easy mission, turns out to be the greatest and deadliest challenge yet. And as the odds are stacked against them, Eirik is torn between his past and his duty as a spirit hunter …