Nominated for Uprisen (Best YA-book in Norway). Also published in Denmark.

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About the book:

Spirit hunters is the first book in a new fantasy series (ages 9+), published in Norway by Aschehoug Forlag. The series revolves around the missions of a girl from New York, a boy from rural Norway and a boy from Berlin. They are aged 13, and their destiny is to protect mankind from returning evil spirits. The spirit hunters’ headquarters is placed inside a mountain on the outskirts of Torshavn, in the remote Pharoe Islands. In book one the spirit hunters must learn how to protect innocent people from restless spirits, who will not accept their own demise and move on to the Spirit World. Spirits with powers gained through centuries of desperation and isolation in the Middle World, which has driven all remains of humanity out of them and replaced it with mad rage and a boiling hatred against all things living. A hatred which is deadly when they break through to our world. But first, the spirit hunters must overcome their differences, and learn to stand together. For only as Iunctus Three (The Three United), can their powers be activated. And time is running out …

Readers have very much appreciated how Spirit Hunters handles the fantasy genre, with a great deal of humor instead of the sometimes somber and pompous approaches. Quotes from readers/reviewers:

Librarian’s blog, Tulleruska’s World
This is the first book about the spirit hunters Lizzy, Gunther and Eirik, and what a completely fantastic first book it is! I was drawn into a magical, but yet “down to earth” world, inside a mountain in the Faroe Island, with a cook that can make all types of food into something quite scary. The three main characters are intriguing and diverse. I also liked the three older spirit hunters … In terms of layout the book is formated in a great way. Plenty of air between paragraphs, which eases the reading experience and makes the book more attractive to those who are struggling with the wall of letters. I will certainly recommend this book to children and youth at work. And if you’re a bit beyond “children and youth”, you should throw yourself over this great book anyway!
Soer-Varanger Avis (Norwegian newspaper)
Before opening the book, we clearly saw the paradox of reading and writing about a book meant for young readers from 12 years and upwards, when you’ve passed 60 yourself. But Hovden surprises. Therefore we have chosen to claim that this is a novel for young people of all ages. We have on previous occasions written that Magne Hovden has a vivid imagination which he manages to manifest in exciting storytelling. And here we find both love, jealousy, dark suspicions and humor. You certainly do not have to be in your first youth to agree upon the fact that Hovden, with his storytelling abilities, takes you along on a riveting reading experience. This sixty year old read the whole book without putting it down. And without being bored for a second.
The Norwegian Library Bureau
Spirit Hunters book 1, Norwegian fantasy of the month: This I can promise you: excitement, action, humor, tough heroes and very scary bad guys. (…) I like that they (main characters) are not described as perfect – it makes everything more credible. The dialogue is also credible. (…) This book is perfectly suited for both boys and girls age 10 – 13. They are a bit too young for many of the other books in this genre, so this series can become an excellent introduction to plenty of fun and excitement, in books as well as on the silver screen.
Librarian’s blog, Astrid Terese – Betraktninger
I love it when I find new fantasy books with a fresh concept. And this is one of them. (…) This is a great start of a new fantasy series, and I’m definitely going to read the next books in the series. (…) The book is set in the Faroe Islands, with Spirit Hunter-missions all over the World. And it works. Both the plot, and what the characters go through and feel, is quite realistic, and that creates a fine contrast to the fantasy element. 
Librarian’s blog, Eli Frisvold
The book’s strongest side is the character descriptions of the three quite different youths, with the rock hard and cocky Lizzy on point. Rough and informal humor also contributes to tone down the annoyingly pompous and stuck-up style you often find in fantasy books. And the Cook really is quite an amusing guy!
U-prisen, site for schools recommending books for Norwegian YA book of the year
Lundenes School (pupil’s review): THIS BOOK SHOULD BE NOMINATED! I think this book was very good and exciting. The main characters acted as young people normally do, showing off for each other, arguing and falling in love. The ending was good, but I think a new book will follow, and I’m already looking forward to it. Actually, I wish I was a spirit hunter myself …

NOW AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH FOR FREE  – click to secure your copy at Amazon